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Hi and welcome! My name is Dr Bryan James – chiropractor/philosopher from Blue Mountains, Australia. 

I’m creating this website to: 1) open the eye to a radical way of seeing, 2) to re-empower the individual for self-healing and 3) to restore the primal relationship, which is: 

a) externally with NATURE, and
b) internally with OURSELVES. 

These are the 2 key ingredients that set the conditions for multi-level healing of the human interface.  Unfortunately, it would seem that the modern eye has become so firmly jammed down the microscope that instead of looking upward and outward toward nature and the entirety of existence, the periscope is rammed so snuggly up own arse that we see only the backs of our heads, which produces a microscopic, self-centred and divided way of seeing the world. 

This is typified in current Rx model of healthcare which is confined to the contents of the petri dish – and therefore sick, in the purest sense of the word; i.e. divided. The macro factors are discarded and a vital piece of the puzzle is missed = TPH = Transpersonal Homeostasis = the relationship between the individual and the whole. 

Nothing but a primary opening of the aperture will suffice. To see and to see clearly is what is needed, and that can only happen when a fundamental redefinition of the self takes place. This calls us to re-examine the very nature of who we are and how we live. 

We do not live in isolation, but in the context of the greater whole.  We operate under the biosphere like any other plant or animal.
How can we be healthy if we

1) We sit in a soup of WiFi, eat non-natural food, don’t move, dont’ breathe, don’t see the sun, and eat and sleep at odds with the normal cycles of life. This puts us in dysbiosis; i.e. AGAINST LIFE, the consequence of which = poor PHYSICAL HEALTH

And 2) We sit in a disconnected psycho-spiritual space, with no clue as to who we are behind the thin veneer of personality – walking around with our minds open but our hearts closed, THINKING but NOT SENSING, not feeling, not tasting the very essence of life which we so desperately crave. And so we never get what we truly want…OURSELVES! 

The inability to satiate ourselves on the deepest level leads to failure of coping mechanisms and a subsequent stress response that induces 1) a limbic, self-defeating model of reality, 2) a misunderstanding of the world around us and 3) a hallucination about who/what we are. This ruins our PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL HEALTH

These 2 factors combined opens the wormhole for a plethora of conditions to emerge both:

PHYSICALLY (e.g. back/multi-joint pain, multi-digestive problems, weight gain/obesity, metabolic disorder, fatigue/tiredness, autoimmune conditions, brain fog, mood swings, etc.) and 

PSYCHO-SPIRITUALLY (e.g. anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, meaning, purpose, fulfilment, as well as negative behaviours including substance abuse, overeating, mistreatment of self and world). 

What is the ANTIDOTE then? We must re-learn how to SEE.  Get out of the stress response and change the subset of receptors that we use to view/understand reality. Turn on higher processing, shift the periscope upward and outward to see the infinite interconnectedness of all of existence – when we do this, we see OURSELVES.  

This induces the required change from DYSBIOSIS > SYMBIOSIS (against life to WITH life), both physically as we begin to see our connection with NATURE (the blueprint for health), and psycho-spiritually as we see the inescapable relationship with OURSELVES (the non-verbal, non-mental Essence within). 

Perhaps then we can participate in the greatest forgotten act of modern times = YOGA; i.e. union, of the individual with the whole, which: 
– renews sight, 
– restores the primal relationship, 
– and re-imbibes the individual with the power to SELF-HEAL on all three levels: body, mind and spirit. 

If we cannot, our search for ‘cure’ will continue to be confined to the contents of the petri dish; we will fail to hit the mark – physically, psychology and spiritually.  This leaves us in a perpetual addressing of downstream symptoms, both within ourselves and in the world at large.

This website is to push the eye to the radical (radical means to RETURN TO THE ROOT).  Thus we will explore nature, biology, plants, diet, psychology, spirituality and self as the primary topics.  By doing so, my hope is just that – to bring us back to the basics, the obvious but overlooked pieces of the puzzle that lay the foundation for a healthy life. 

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to grasp; we may mess about with genetic manipulations, injectables or combinations of fertilizers when the plant just needs to go into the sun.  And so reconnecting to NATURE and reconnecting to SELF = the sun, soil and rain for our body, mind and spirit.   Let us look to these as the first line approach in non-traumatic, non-fatal healthcare and use them as the springboard to catapult off so that we can put our personal stamp on life and BECOME WHO WE ARE.  It is arguable that this is all we want at the end of the day – to be ourselves, in health and with a sense of meaning.  

Thus the real goal is to TUNE INTO OURSELVES, to become sensitive,  to renew our ears to the hidden messages of life that put us back on track individually, socially and for the world at large. 

Please take a look around. I have started:
– the BLOG (click here)
– and a Facebook page (click here) as the keys places to upload new ideas and information.

Time permitting between running the clinic and family, the information could evolve into an online course +/- books, but I am going to let that progress organically.

Thanks for reading – If you dig it, register your email on the homepage and like the Facebook page, as this is where the majority of updates will be made.

Happy exploring.
– BJDC, 2019